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Company Overview

Updated: May 11, 2023

Skydrops is a sustainable water company. We create atmospheric alkaline water from the humidity in the air, package it in reusable glass and stainless steel and 100% biodegradable, plant-based PLA bottles, and deliver it to our clients in the hospitality industry. We then return to pick up, sanitize and refill our reusable bottles.

Skydrops was purpose-built to meet the sustainability goals of Qatar's National Vision 2030. We produce water in our Doha water plant using patented U.S. technology, with a near-zero carbon footprint and no environmental impact.

Skydrops believes that recycling is not enough. Our eco-friendly packaging offers a solution to calls by the Ministry of Environment to reduce single-use plastics, and bottle water in reusable glass and stainless steel.

Skydrops is headquartered in the Qatar Free Zone and founded by a retired female U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and combat veteran


Mission statement

At Skydrops, we believe every country can achieve water independence, while protecting people’s health and preserving the environment.


12th June 2022: Skydrops pre-launch event at St. Regis, Doha attended by 50-60 eminent persons from various ministries, Qatar Rail and Qatar University

March 2023: Skydrops opened a new office space at the Qatar Free Zone, Ras Bufontas

March 2023: Skydrops attended the “Back 2 Business “program arranged by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.

March 2023: Skydrops CEO Rhana Kurdi visited the factory of our supplier at Midlands, Texas.

March 2023: Skydrops participated in a panel discussion at the Sustainability Summit hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce.

For press inquiries, contact Renee Tay

USA +1 (336) 466-2342

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This file contains all the necessary resources for journalists: File Contents: 1. Company Overview 2. Logos & Product Images 3. Team Photos & Bios 4. Links to Skydrops YouTube channel & social links 5


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