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We generate pure water for regions with extreme scarcity of water. Hot climates with high humidity make the ideal candidates.


Sustainable - Absolutely zero carbon emissions & we do not use local water resources.

Proven safe to drink. 

As part of UN Green Initiative plan, we have partnered with Tsunami Products to procure their AWGs that are manufactured and shipped from the USA.


Unique Technology

Greenhouse climate control combined with atmospheric water generation.


Easy Integration

This unit can be integrated into the existing greenhouse control system to make it more efficient.



The system can be scaled to meet the needs of any on-farm operation.




Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) extract water from humidity in the air. Moist ambient air is pulled into the Tsunami® unit by fans. A multi-layer air filter removes dust, pollen, and other airborne particles.



Next, the air is drawn through a series of condensing coils, where water vapor is cooled down sufficiently to reach the dew point. This converts water vapor into droplets. Additionally, all Tsunami® units use Tsunami Core Technology™ — a special patented extraction chamber with a range of features that force water condensation — resulting in greater output. Water is then extracted and collected into a storage tank.
Tsunami Core Technology™ and other proprietary improvements dramatically enhance the process of water extraction, allowing Tsunami® units to achieve great energy efficiency.



The collected water is purified through a multi-stage filtration system, where all the possible impurities and pathogens are removed. At this point, water is completely pure and safe to drink. What’s more: unlike tap water,
it’s chemical-free.

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55% of global brine is produced in just four countries: Saudi Arabia (22%), UAE (20.2%), Kuwait (6.6%) and Qatar (5.8%). Middle Eastern plants, which largely operate using seawater and thermal desalination technologies, typically produce four times as much brine per cubic meter of clean water as plants where river water membrane processes dominate, such as in the US.

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Green House/Agriculture Application

  • Tsunami-R/DH — regenerative dehumidification unit — is designed to control the temperature inside a greenhouse, and at the same time collect excessive humidity which is condensed into reusable water.

  • Use this unit for multi-faceted greenhouse climate control.

  • Reduce excessive humidity that can lead to fungus growth and cell damage of plants.

  • Add hot or cold air (both airstreams are a by-product of water extraction), thus increasing or decreasing temperature, as needed.

  • Clean greenhouse air in the process.

  • Reutilize collected water for irrigation.

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  • Low cost with high ROI

  • Zero carbon footprint

  • Highly efficient process

  • Zero impact on environment

Skydrops Water Plant

Desalination Water Plant

  • Capital intensive

  • Leaves high carbon footprint

  • Low on efficiency 

  • Difficult to recycle waste water

  • Waste water brine creates environmental & health hazards

Water Production Solutions

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Use the mobile trailers tactically to provide water on the Go

  • Tactical/Mobile with 15kw Diesel     Generator

  • 187GAL/708L per day-100 Gallon Internal Tank

  • Side mounted water dispenser w/electric pump


Deploy RO Trucks during winter
months for large scale water

  • 50,000GAL/189,270L of water per day

  • Integrated into 20’ cargo container

  • Not impacted by weather

Skydrops-ai (1).png



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