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Skydrops H2O Premium Alkaline Water

Crafted from Qatar's Sky & Bottled Sustainably.

You have a single-use plastic and glass problem.

We got you!


Habibi, we’re not just ticking the green box. 

It's our whole reason for strutting our stuff in Qatar.

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Skydrops H2O
LUXE Water

Habibi, tired of desalinated water that tastes like a

science experiment?


Yalla, break up with the lab water and dive into our

sky-crafted, ultra-pure water.

Salt-Free Origins

Skydrops H2O is ultra-pure water from a clean freshwater source - the sky.

From the Sky to You

Who wants old water that’s been sweating in warehouses and shipped across the world?

Skydrops H2O is made locally & delivered within 48 hours.

Fine Water

Water you’ll crave, made with our signature recipe.

Mineral-rich, with pH levels your body will thank you for.

In every Skydrops bottle is the freshest water you’ll find.

How does the sky taste?

It's water straight from the Heavens with a taste so pure and crisp, you might just start looking skyward every time you feel thirsty.

Sustainable from Start to End

We extract fresh water from

humidity in the sky - 

not ocean water

We pick up used bottles, sanitize, refill & reuse.

Or simply compost our 100% biodegradable bottles. 

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We craft it with our signature fine water recipe for exquisite taste





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We package it sustainably & deliver it fresh to your door within 48 hours.

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