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Skydrops H2O
Product Line

Atmospheric Alkaline & Sparkling Water

Customizable bottles for your brand.

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Premium Glass

300 ml/500 ml/ 1.5 L

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Premium Aluminium

250 ml 

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100% Biodegradable, Plant-Based PLA

250ml/ 500ml

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Atmospheric Sparkling & Alkaline Water

Our water is made on-demand for each client - not stored in warehouses or shipped across the world.

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Premium Alkaline Water
in 100% Biodegradable

Plant-Based PLA Bottles & Caps
Habibi PLA transparent _edited_edited.png

SKYDROPS bottles, caps and labels are made from non-GMO sugar cane and can be ground up and repurposed as:

Industrial Compost
Nontoxic Burnable Fuel
Filament for 3D Printers
Recycled Resin

Simply toss it in the compost!

Our PLA bottles biodegrade in 5 months.

A plastic water bottle takes 450 years.

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Our Water Qualities

Premium alkaline or sparkling drinking water

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Salt-free at the source

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Crafted from Qatar’s sky - not desalinated seawater

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Crafted for superior taste

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Mineralized for maximum health benefits

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Freshly-made within 48 hours of delivery

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Not stored in warehouses or shipped across the world

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BPA-free premium glass, premium aluminium or 100% biodegradable, plant-based PLA packaging

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Clean. Fresh. Ultra-pure.

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